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In 1979 Bob Hancock started working for himself and so became Hancock and Brown


Hancock and Brown became a limited company


Bob Retired, Hancock and Brown Ltd is now run by it's own engineers, our  main drive is workmanship and is not profit driven

Hancock and Brown Ltd was founded in 1979 by the late Bob Hancock and his wife, Linda.


Their children grew up immersed in the heating industry, making it no surprise that their sons, George and David, followed in their father’s footsteps.


Today, the company is managed by George and Tomasine, employing a team with a diverse range of skills.


While many companies boast about 'good customer service,' they often push their staff to meet unrealistic targets, leading to poor workmanship and dissatisfied customers.


At Hancock & Brown Ltd, we prioritise happy engineers, which translates to satisfied customers.


With George still actively involved in the field, our primary goal is to give our engineers the time they need to complete jobs to the highest standards. With no shareholders and direct feedback from the owners, who are also engineers, we maintain a workplace where both staff and customers are content.


Our workforce is local to the village of Balsall Common, with most having attended Heart of England School.


Aaron, who won ‘Apprentice of the Year’ during his training, is now fully qualified in Gas, LPG, and Unvented systems.

Our team includes qualified plumbers Reece, Charlie, and Jack, who play crucial roles. Jack is also nearing his final exams, which were delayed due to the Covid pandemic.


Will, our youngest qualified plumber, has already developed a deep understanding of the heating industry through his work alongside Aaron.


Our core business involves installing Gas, Oil, and LPG heating systems, as well as a wide range of plumbing technologies.


We continuously re-evaluate our installations to ensure we offer the most efficient and reliable products, providing our customers with the latest technology and fuel-saving solutions.


Safety is paramount in all our installations, and our engineers are fully GAS SAFE, OFTEC, and Watermark registered.


The Team

George Hancock

Phone 01676 534158



Heating Technican and System designer, Gas, Oil LPG Engineer, F Gas Engineer

Steve Walker

Phone 01676 534158



Surveyor and Bathroom Designer

Aaron Dixon 

Phone 01676 534158



The thinker and theory maker, Gas Engineer, LPG

Will Hewett

Phone 01676 534158



Our small space guy, he can get to plumbing problems no one else can

Linda Hancock

Phone 01676 534158



Office administrator 

Tomasine Garner

Phone 01676 534158



Office manager

Jack Clowe

Phone 01676 534158




Turned out to be a key member of the team, has a buying tool habit Bathroom Installer


Reece Thomas

Phone 01676 534158



Plumbing and Tiling guy


Rob Brown

Phone 01676 534158



General Maintenance guy


Charlie Mccrannor

Phone 01676 534158



Key Apprentice, 

fast learner already has own set of skills

Daniel Allcoat

Phone 01676 534158



Gas Safe and Electrian Engineer 


Bob Hancock

Phone: 01676 534158

E-mail: bob@hancock-brown.co.uk


Founder, Gone but not forgotten

We only use the most power removing sludge machines on the market
Clean magnetic filter before use.
This is the black sludge in your heating system.
Underfloor heating with heat spreading multi foil
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