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Extra layers...Extra strength and protection

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: "why use the more Expensive MLCP pipe"? This is recommended to avoid the old problems of the past re-occurring, although alot of manufacturers of plastic pipes have now put in a barrier to try to stop oxygen impregnating the pipe. Only MLCP offers 100% oxygen proof and as these pipes are the veins of our house, we feel its best not to skimp on quality.

Installation of manifold.
Installation on pipe work on floor with Multifoil. This pipe is more durable than other pipes on the market and the multifoil offers protection to the insulation underneath and help disperse the heat evenly
Pipe work ready for concrete floor. Although covered in screed an even neat pipework ensures even warmth
Wood floor ready for boarding. Heat plates spread the heat perfectly on those upper floors

with the polypipe overlay system, it means new builds are not the only ones to benefit from comfort

polypipe ready to be tiled over

Polypipe pics overlay system

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